Shout Out to our Dispatchers

Hopkins County EMS would like to just take a moment and do a Friday Shout Out to our Dispatchers in Hopkins County, Rains, Delta, and Franklin Counties.
These are the true First Responders to Any Incident, whether Law Enforcement, Fire Department, or Medical EMS related. They truly are the calm voice in the storm. We appreciate our Dispatch Centers here and across the Nation.
Not only do they take your Address and Phone Number, they are a critical asset, and very well trained, to get the first elements of response started. It can go from just a calm support, to Actual helping give CPR instructions and any first aid instructions.
Every Situation presents its own set of difficulties, and one thing to escalate a situation in every way, is if it is One of Your Own Family Members. It is vital to have that strong 911 operator there With you and For you!
Thank You for everything you do every Day for not only our Service, but Services across the World.
Stay tuned for some up close and personal introductions of our 911 operating staff in the near future.