About HCHD

Hopkins County EMS currently maintains 11 MICU units, 1 Basic with MICU capability unit, and 2 Tahoe Emergency Response Vehicles.
Our Services cover all of Hopkins, Delta, Franklin, and Rains Counties.

Our EMS units at Central Station of the Hospital, 2 MICU units, Medic 4 and Medic 5, 24 hours.

South Side Station located on Texas Street in Sulphur Springs houses 2 personnel full time staffed MICU, Medic 6, 24 hours.
12 hour crews stationed at South side 10 am to 10 pm, Medic 1.
Cooper, Texas (Delta County) MICU Medic 12 with 2 personnel full time staff on site 24 hours..Medic 11 back up MICU in Cooper.

Mount Vernon, Texas (Franklin County) 2 personnel staffed on site, 1 MICU Medic 9, 24 hours. Medic 8 back up MICU for Franklin County.
Emory (Rains County) 2 personnel full time staffed on site, Medic 2, 24 hours.

We also maintain additional MICU units, Medic 3, Medic 7, and Medic 10 strategically placed at different stations based on need and demand.
ERV2 is staffed by Supervisors daily. ERV is used by Director of EMS and other EMS related events. We also have MPV401 the Ambus on site.